Personality Types

So you want to be a successful Distributor but you have some baggage from the past – right?  You were once in this other business opportunity (MLM, Direct Selling, Top Tier ) but it didn’t work out for you – so you’re wondering what will be different this time.

Congratulations – I’m glad you didn’t just give up like so many others did.  There is one big reason why you probably were not successful in the past and it may not be what you think.


Remember that guy on the stage in front of 2000 distributors, the guy with the big personality, flash suit and perfect hair – Mr Charisma himself.  This guy could charm the fur off a Grizzly bear and sell a fridge to an Eskimo. And he told you how easy it would all be – “just follow the Be-Do-Have principle” is what he probably said.

The idea being that if you want to be successful like him – you just BE him ( big, bold, Charismatic, slick) and then DO what he does (wear those clothes, talk like him, say what he says, preach from the stage etc) and then you’ll HAVE what he has ( the fast car, the big house, the 50m lap pool).

The only problem is that you are not him – so it doesn’t work out . You try the be-do-have idea but you end up just being some phoney who nobody wants to know.  You try all his tricks and none of it works – so you give up and go to some new Biz opp in the hopes that you’ll be successful there – but it never works out – ever.

The reason is that your personality type is not like his – so if you try to be him then you are doomed to failure.  You have to know what your own personality is and then play to your own strengths. Mr Slick is good at what he does – and you have to become good at what you do. That way you are being real and people will see that you are real, then they will Know, Like and Trust you, and then you can become successful.

Suddenly you start being successful – because you are you and not trying to “fake it before you make it”.  In the world of social media, there is no room for phoney’s, so you best learn who you are and then become the BEST YOU that you can be.

Here is a video by Brendon Burchard about the importance of being the Authentic YOU


Fortunately somebody else has done all the hard work on figuring out who you are – all you have to do is TAKE THE TEST and then you will understand yourself better.

That’s the easy part – the hard part is to acquire the skills necessary so that you can play to your own strengths and ultimately become successful in your life. As an analogy – Once you have the right skills, you will find that you are no longer digging a big whole with a pick – because now you can drive a big digger.

There is no need and no point in trying to be Mr Charismatic if you are in fact strongly introverted – you will fail and feel miserable.  Instead, learn how to be a successful introvert and you will discover the abundance that exists by being true to yourself.

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