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Why Use A Video Editor

video editorAdding content on Safe Worlds TV revolves around video content – unlike websites and blogs that are dominant on the www, that are text based. Video and Television are the ultimate format for connecting with your audience so it is important to know how to create this type of content in a professional way to maximize audience engagement.

Fortunately there are a number of very impressive video editing programs available today that make video creation an absolute breeze.  Even Hollywood productions have used these same consumer  video editor products because of their immense functionality and ease of use.  Your choice of software will depend on the type of PC you use and the level of complexity that you require to create your video content.

Our Pick Of Video Editor Tools

Corel Video Studio Pro X6 & X5 Ultimate

This video editor is a premium product that is extremely customizable, comes packed with instant video templates, effects, titles, audio content and much more. One key feature is a very high quality screen recording function that is ideal for developing tutorials for video training as well as 21 tracks for complex video recording. Another key feature is that this tool is designed to work with modern Quad core processors like Intel i5 and i7 chipsets.

Corel products are very well developed and this editor has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Corel Paintshop Pro X4 – a superior image editing tool.

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate

PaintShop Pro Photo X4 Ultimate

Avid – Pinnacle  Studio  HD

Corel has recently purchased the competitive range of Video editor products from Avid so as to compliment their existing range.  Pinnacle is a no nonsense editor which would suit the budget conscious, but still has most of the bells and whistles.  There is no screen recorder but Pinnacle studio HD does have a ton of tracks which enables you to render very complex videos.  The collection has all the features of Studio Ultimate HD, plus a green-screen sheet and even more effects including transitions.

Studio Ultimate Edition

Roxio Toast 11 Pro & Video Lab

Designed to work with Apple Mac computers and has all the necessary features that you would expect in a high quality video editor.  Mates up well with the Roxio Video Lab which has some unique DVD creation techniques and also has a nifty feature that allows you to copy videos off Youtube, Vimeo, Vidler etc – for your personal viewing offline, plus some additional video editor tools to add to the toolbox for less than $50.

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How to choose your video editor

This is very much a personal choice but we recommend that you decide which product either suits your needs best or is best matched to your computer. If you intend to replace your PC anyway – then we recommend buying one with an Intel i5 or i7 processor because these programs will run better on a quad core processor than single or dual core.  If you use a Mac then you may find that a Roxio video editor product is the best choice for you.

Additional Software options

If you have a Mac computer and wish to use one of the Pc based Video Editor products, then you can also install VMware Fusion 5 so that Windows will run on your Mac PC which may allow you to use a windows video editor.

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AVG Antivirus Professional 2012

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

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